Increase Customer Engagement with Personal Video Messaging

Beam Video helps you to create better customer relationships with engaging video messaging – every time.

Beam Video Marketing

Dynamically Communicate With Customers and Team Members

Video messaging can be used to speak directly with prospects or team members. Using video’s capability to clearly communicate tone and personality makes it an extremely creative and effective way to get your message out.

Using Beam Video over sending cold emails or texts, is sure to grab your prospect’s attention and leave a lasting impression making them want to respond to you promptly.

Video is 100% More  Efficient Than Text

Studies reveal that viewers remember over 90% more of a message when watching a video over reading text. So what does this mean for your business or your team? It means if you have videos on your side, you are invincible.

Beam Mobile and Email Marketing

Cross Platform

Beam Personalized Video Marketing


Beam Video Marketing Analytics Tracking


Beam Video Marketing For Customer Engagement


Beam Email Video Marketing

Email, Chat, Text

Beam Video Calling

Video Calling

Beam Mobile and Email Marketing

Cross-Platform Capabilities

Beam Video makes it easy to do everything on any platform or device.

Use your Smartphone, Laptop, or Desktop computer to record and share to any platform including Social Media.

How it works:

Record Your Video
Send Your Video
Track Your Video

It’s literally that easy…and even easier that you can do all three tasks directly in our one system!

Beam Personalized Video Marketing

Personalize Your Video

Beam Video lets your prospects or team members see your face and connect with your voice, thereby establishing a personal connection.

These days with technology being at the forefront of automated marketing, it’s sometimes difficult to know if one is conversing with a bot or a human. Using Beam Video resolves that predicament.

Video messaging can be used to speak directly with your target and provides that human connection where text and emails fall short. 

Beam Video Marketing Analytics Tracking

Complete Analytics and  Tracking

The Beam Video platform shows you in real-time when and where your videos are viewed.

By utilizing Beam Analytics and Tracking you can conveniently see all engagements quickly and efficiently in an easy-to-understand way.

Powerful insights like these can help you further refine and tweak your Video Marketing strategy as well as provide you with insights into your prospect engagements – effectively making follow-up communications more easily organized and well received.

Beam Video Marketing For Customer Engagement

Increase Engagement

Video messages are less likely to be skipped over and ignored.

Using video is the most engaging way to illustrate complex ideas because it allows the viewer to see what is being said rather than simply reading it. Also, video is better at engaging people over text and helps strengthen your relationship with prospects.

Consider using video in partnership with other content such as your website, graphs, and images, providing a well-rounded experience to your recipients.

Videos are also more likely to get picked up by the search engines helping to increase open rates, as well as conversion rates over text at any given time. Studies find that video increases clickthrough rates by over 25% vs. an email or text message.

Beam Email Video Marketing

Email, Chat and Text

The Beam Video platform allows you to utilize Video Marketing over, email, chats, and text messages.

Receiving a video from a business owner or team member will always delight and pique the interest over boring texts and emails that a few or more of your competitors already sent out.

Using the Beam Video platform makes the process quick, simple, and efficient.

Simply stated, you have a better opportunity over your competition when utilizing video. What are you waiting for?

Beam Video Calling

Video Calling

Share Ideas and Brainstorm

There are two simple steps to incorporate Beam Video Calling into your communications and marketing strategy.

1. Simply drop the Video Call/Video Chat icon anywhere on your website, so that users are able to click on it and initiate the video call. Once clicked, users are automatically put into a video call with the business. (No special apps or downloading required!) Businesses will have control as to when they are “active”, versus “non-active”.

2. Send out the video call URL to any recipient, and immediately get on a video call with them.

Could it be more simple than that?

Download The Beam App!

Beam Video offers both Android and iOS apps to all customers. This is in addition to the web portal. Record, send, and track all emails directly from the app!

*You must have an active Beam Subscription to use the features in the Beam Video Mobile App.
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