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Effectively Communicate With Your Customers and Prospects

Let’s face it, EVERY business is looking for ways to get their customers and prospects’ attention, and this does exactly that. Not only is a video easy to consume, but it’s also much easier to personalize, and to convey your message. Seeing someone’s facial expressions and hearing the tone of their voice ABSOLUTELY makes a difference. It’s all about relationships, and The Beam Video Marketing Platform is just the tool to build those relationships.

Real Beam Users Have This To Say…

Beam Video User Testimonial

“I signed up for Beam video for the ease of use and it provides me with a unique way I can keep in front of potential clients. Sending a quick thank you or reminder of an appointment I think is a soft way of connecting with people.

Almost immediately, it proved to be much more versatile than I could imagine! I quickly found that the ability to do video chats with people is a game-changer. I don’t have to worry about what device they have, which phones they carry, or anything. I simply create a private, dedicated link for them to click on, and we are chatting on a secured system.

Because of this, I have increased my bottom line with people that are insecure about using technology. It has become my go-to video app!”


JL A Beam User

“This Real Estate market is moving faster than ever. To stay on top of the field, I use BEAM Video.

My clients rely on video walk-throughs to see properties that just hit the market. Far too often, the files are too large to text. BEAM saves the day! I can send them detailed videos and set up a video chat with them – all on one platform.

BEAM is a must-have tool that pays for itself over and over again! 10 out of 10.”


Beam Video Call

Build relationships with Beam Video’s Video Call platform. With the video call tool, you can accommodate both one-way, or two-way video communication. Two-way allows both users to see and communicate with each other, whereas one-way allows the client to see and communicate with the business in a less invasive manner.

Beam Video Email / Text

With Beam Video Email, you can record videos and send them to any recipient, right from your phone or computer. Not only that, but you can see who’s watched them, and who hasn’t! Add a touch of personal interaction to your communication strategy.

Mobile Functionality

Beam Video offers both Android and iOS apps to all customers. This is in addition to the web portal. Film, send, and track all emails directly from the app!

The Video Marketing Game Changer

Start integrating your Marketing Strategy with a personalized touch today!

The Beam Video Marketing platform makes reaching your audience easy and efficient. Your clients want to do business with you, not with boring technology.

Video Marketing Changes the Game. Cut out the common interactions that your clients are accustomed to and never seem to work. Beam Video Marketing helps you to create that lasting first impression and turn your prospects into devoted clients.

Beam Video Makes Taking, Sending and Tracking Your Communication Extra Simple

Get Your Foot in The Door and Then Finish Strong

Beam Mobile and Email Marketing


Beam Video makes it easy for your prospects to engage with your message through their mobile devices and on any other platform!

Beam Video Marketing Analytics Tracking

Tracking & Analytics

At any time, you have access to see how many emails/texts you’ve sent out, and how many times someone has opened and played your video message.

Beam Video Marketing For Customer Engagement


Beams’ convenient and easy to deploy resources add value to your marketing strategy and increases the opportunity for engagement among your clients and prospects.

Beam Personalized Video Marketing


Utilize Beam to create personalized “Thank You” videos once the sale has been closed. Also, a great way to ask for referrals and reviews on a personal level!

Download The Beam App!

Beam Video offers both Android and iOS apps to all customers. This is in addition to the web portal. Record, send, and track all emails directly from the app!

*You must have an active Beam Subscription to use the features in the Beam Video Mobile App.
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