Core Features
Effectively communicate with your customers and prospects!

Beam Video Email/TEXT

With Beam Video Email, you can record videos and send them to any recipient, right from your phone or computer.  Not only that, but you can see who’s watched them, and who hasn’t!  Add a touch of personal interaction to your communication strategy.  Videos not only take less time to record than typing up an email, but they also take less time for a recipient to consume the message. It’s a win-win, AND the interaction levels will be through the roof!  Let Beam Video help you connect, and build better relationships with your target audience.

How it works:

  • Record your video
  • Send your video
  • Track your video

It’s literally that easy…and even easier that you can do all three tasks directly in our one system!

Beam Video Call

Build relationships with Beam Video’s Video Call platform. With the video call tool, you can accommodate both one-way, or two-way video communication. Two-way allows both users to see and communicate with each other, whereas one-way allows the client to see and communicate with the business in a less invasive manner.

There are two simply ways to incorporate video calling into your communication strategy.

  1. Simply drop the Video Call/Video Chat icon anywhere on your website, so that users are able to click on it and initiate the video call. Once clicked, users are automatically put into a video call with the business. (No special apps or downloading required!) Businesses will have control as to when they are “active”, versus “non-active”.
  2. Send out the video call URL to any recipient, and immediately get on a video call with them.
Extra Features
Beam Video makes taking, sending and tracking your communication extra simple!

Mobile Functionality

Beam Video offers both Android and iOS apps to all customers. This is in addition to the web portal. Film, send, and track all emails directly from the app!


At any time, you have access to see how many emails/texts you’ve sent out, and how many times someone has opened and played your video message.


Let’s face it, EVERY business is looking for ways to get their customers and prospects attention, and this does exactly that. Not only is a video easy to consume, but it’s also much easier to personalize, and to convey your message. Seeing someone’s facial expressions and hearing the tone of their voice ABSOLUTELY makes a difference. It’s all about relationships, and Beam Video is just the tool build those relationships with.

Whether you’re part of a team, or a one man band, we have an option for you.
If you’re interested in signing up a larger group, please reach out here and we’ll be in touch shortly!